Funtastico - New Website launched

Funtastico - New Website launched

Author: Nicky
Category: News

Yay! We're delighted to announce that Funtastico's new website is now live.

We've added a few new features to keep our customers better informed on upcoming events and added a booking engine making it easier for customers to book a table.

Additionally, we've improved our galleries and menus, showcasing our delicious-as-ever dishes that are sure to tempt you!

With an easy-to-use navigation and lots of social media interaction, our new website allows you to have a decent glimpse into the Funtastico experience.

Here at Funtastico, we pride ourselves on utilising fresh local ingredients, supporting local businesses and providing a fun, welcoming experience for everyone who comes to visit and enjoy our food and hospitality.

Our Rokeby Road restaurant in the heart of Subiaco has been delivering fantastic, or as we say funtastic, Italian dishes for many years and we look forward to welcoming you for lunch or dinner soon!